Suspension Service‚Äč

The foundation of suspension performance.

Basic fork and shock service ensures that your suspension is working as it should. Dirt bikes operate in harsh environments full of water and grit combined with thermal cycling and shock loading, all of which result in wear.

Tuned Concepts recommends a suspension service every 40-50 hours for racers. Service intervals may be extended somewhat for trail riders, and street intervals can be significantly longer.

Additional service information can be found here.

Basic suspension service involves replacing the following:

  • Fork seals (SKF)
  • Fork bushings (OEM)
  • Fork oil (Motul or Motorex)
  • Shock seal head (OEM or SKF)
  • Shock piston band, as needed
  • Shock nitrogen charge
  • Visual inspection of any other bushings, bearings, and seals, with replacement as needed

Tuned Concepts intentionally uses high quality components. There are several cheaper options on the market, but testing has shown these to be inferior in form, fit, and/or function. The result: we may not always be the cheapest option, but you know that your suspension will perform like new following a complete service.

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